The Gilded Lily

  • A few days ago I found myself fighting back tears , “having a moment” as some would call it. My three year old son was talking to me from the backseat of the car. Filling me in on his day, and that of  everyone else in his class.   This is something that he and I do everyday.  My cousin Doris would say  that my son has all the “tea”.  In this moment of discussion  he tells me what his teachers  and friends did for the day . I become overwhelmed with flashes of  old age and death; thus making my anxiety take hold.  I started to think, what would he do without me, what will happen when I am old? He being my only child no siblings at home.   I thought will he be lonely, especially since his other siblings are not a constant. My thoughts were all over, what happens when he goes to college or moves out on his own, will he…

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