On this MLK Day Holiday. I offer a short reflection into the previous weeks comments by current President Donald Trump. Last week it was reported by a number of political officials that Donald Trump allegedly referred to countries in Africa and the island of Haiti as “shithole” countries, preceded by a comment of why can’t more immigrants from ” Norway ” be admitted into the United States. I will not rant about the offensiveness of these comments; however what disturbs me to the core is the blatant divisive and racist language along with disregard for others that exists in Donald Trump. This man was elected by many Americans. Here I am a Woman of Color living in 2018 in a country where the President has on numerous occasions spoken words that seem to seek to divide majority of its people. He does not have the interest of all citizens at heart especially people of color. It is as if the country is going backwards . Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was assassinated in 1968, and here we are having a conversation about the President referring to Black countries as “shitholes”. A side note: there is a part of me that is not all that surprised, because when you are black living in America there is always this deep feeling that you will never be considered anything other than less than in the eyes of others.

So Donald Trump has shown us who he really is in so many words and his actions. Remember this man called White Supremacists marching in Charlotte “Fine Citizens” , but people from Haiti and African countries are not worthy of citizenship.

Donald Trump is a man spiraling. We the People of this Nation that is often considered a “Leader in the Free World” must do better for it’s citizen and others. He must be held accountable for the sake of this country and all. There is no need to call him names or be petty as he can be. What we must do to deter and abate such ignorance is continue to speak out as a people that this is not the man that American Citizens want to continue to lead. He does not represent the views of America, and is not a leader that has the peoples interest at heart.

So Today when we remember a man such as the Great Martin Luther King who led with love, let’s not continue to ignore the hate that Donald Trump is unapologetically spreading.

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