The mantra goes “New Year New ME”!

Sorry, It’s a New Year and the same me!

I have come to realize that I am who I am . There is nothing wrong with improving ourselves or ridding habits that may be considered “bad” . Yes eating better, exercising , and being healthy are important. However, I must say that does not make you a new person; but an improved you. I am happy of who I am and do not wish to be anyone else. To be someone other than me would undermine all and whom have contributed to my essence.

My voice raises when I am excited in either a good or bad way, I’m passionate, and will continue to Love without apology. This is me so uniquely made.

I was a quiet child that kept a lot of her emotions inside that grew up to be a woman that oftentimes hid how she felt for the sake of others. When I cared I kept it to myself, and when I was hurt I held it in. I am choosing going forward in this life to be to unapologetic. I want to speak aloud how I feel, and not concern myself with how it may be perceived.

Living unapologetically is the only way to be my authentic self. I have censored myself for too long , in order to protect or keep someone around, and in the end I was hurt. So I task anyone who may be reading this to do the same. Be the real you! Do not apologize for that.

I do not know if we get any do overs in this precious life, so I am choosing to live in the hear and now without apology.

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